Tim Swan


I’m currently the lead designer at Campaign Monitor living and working in Sydney, Australia.

More specifically, I work with our Marketing team to produce beautiful, customer-focussed projects based around, but not limited to, our website and customer acquisition. I really enjoy pushing problems into solutions – marrying a deep understanding of the objectives, great visual design and holistic thinking.

Latest blog

How to give feedback

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Most of the time, feedback is explicitly asked for. It’s an important tool for any designer and we value it. There can, however, be times when nobody has asked for your feedback yet you have knowledge or opinions on a particular project and would like to offer up your insights.

Culture isn’t gifted, it’s built

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No doubt you have a set of company values that are recited on a regular basis by the leadership team. These values are not just tweets, status updates, or t-shirt slogans. They are all-encompassing attitudes, customs and beliefs of your group. Your team. Your company. Most importantly, you.

Intentional Collaboration

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Being a designer at Campaign Monitor means there is never a shortage of work coming my way. I find it can be very easy to put my headphones on and sit in a quiet corner of the office in an effort to get as much work done as I can.